A restaurant search and discovery service app Zomato founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah has started its new operation of “Cloud Kitchen”.

The main objective of the new system is to slash the inconvenience of the present day ordering path. Increasing the efficiency of delivering food, cloud kitchen allows various restaurants to avail the services of easy delivery by establishing a venture. A venture by building space to more or less 4 restaurants occupying 300sq.km each working under the same roof. The team of Zomato are on their hunt finding a location with high demands of foods.

A post of Goyal read ” Think of these infrastructures services as delivering only food courts in locations slightly off the premium locations ( think much lower rentals, but accessible); we will not have take-out or dine-in at these locations. Each location that we create will have 4 or more restaurants brands co-located with each other.”

As per the kitchen equipment are considered, the chef need not bring any of it. Necessary equipment will be supplied by the company. Therefore, a shut-down or a closed restaurants are their targeted location for building spaces. Their old equipment’s will be savior for reserving costs buying new equipment.
Only renowned and reliable restaurants can avail this services, with rest making the cut-off list provided on the company’s website. No fixed cost or rent will be relinquished, although the costs made by the restaurants are to be shared with the company.
The company persuaded Arvind Dixit, former COO, Wendy India to run the business unit. Customers will be saving ordering cost experiencing wide range of foods from different brands, ordering different types of foods will also be conveniently feasible. They are expecting to flourish their units in atleast 100 location all over India by the end of 2018.

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