Oct 26, 2016

Zeros Hightech Solutions Pvt. Ltd ( www.zeros.co.in ) is a Delhi based startup who aim to leverage technology to enable more hospitals to go digital.
The company was founded by Kumar Ujjwal and Nitin Gupta in early 2015. Kumar Ujjwal is a DCE alumnus who has founded two other startups in the past. Nitin Gupta handles sales and is an engineering graduate with work-ex with HCL and Adobe (pre-sales). One of the early additions to the team was Ashraf Husain who is a FMS, Delhi MBA graduate with extensive healthcare sector experience.
Zeros was born when Kumar Ujjwal while getting a family member treated at a private medical facility realized much of the health-care was being delivered using manual systems which were inefficient. The founders thus a vision of enabling every healthcare provider to digitize their operations. The name Zeros came from being inspired by India’s ubiquitous contribution to mathematics( the invention of zero digit) and a mission to redefine healthcare and the word Zeros.
Their solution over a series of pivots took the shape of their flagship product eHosp that enables complete digitization of a hospital and was released in April 2016. Delivering this software as a SaaS (software as a service) model enables a 10x lower price point to similarly capable HMS( hospital management software) in the market. The software if fully customizable and runs on any connected device.
Zeros eHosp ensures pharmacies, diagnostic labs, Doctors, billing staff can be on the same platform. Complete medical data such as patient history, body vitals, medical bills, insurance providers can be stored on the system for easy retrieval. Complete SMS integration enables hospitals to run promotional campaigns as needed.
The healthcare market in India has over a million doctors delivering services to the billion plus citizens. With poor public health infrastructure, private participation is key to ensuring quality care.
To maximize market pentration Zeros is using a franchisee model for a pan India presence. As Ujjwal says this has got them customers in locations across India that they could not have planned for if they were expanding.in a phased manner with inhouse sales force Zeros has a relationship with local IMA bodies as official technical partners to drive adoption.
Zeros raised an initial amount from entrepreneurs Mukul Dhal and Saurabh Bhardwaj. Serial entrepreneur & LSE graduate Aditya Jindal came in as angel investor a couple of months later. Today over 150,000 patients have been treated using Zeros software. Nearly a 100+ small & large hospitals/clinics use their solution to manage their operations across India. Zeros plans to be in 100 cities by end of the year and is actively partnering with entrepreneurs and franchise owners to power this growth


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