Women a secondary humans in our society are on a hardship when it comes to finding a suitable jobs. Thousands and Thousands of women across the country from north to south and east to west are working as a freelancers and going online finding a job.
 Women are bridging the gender gap when it comes to education. Various sources has shown that around 45.9 percent of enrolled students in Undergraduates are women as well as 40.5 percents in PhD. There is a fall in women’s participation in labour workforce over the years. YourStory said ” If India can increase women’s labour force participation by 10 percent points by 2025, India could increase its GDP by 16 percent”.
Women are physically busy and restrain from their jobs especially due to their life events. Marriage,taking care of elders and pregnancy are some of the examples.Those women who puts a break to their jobs and at the time of resuming their freelance work it seems tough for them to find an appropriate one,either salary or timetable of the job is unsuitable. Women staying in tier 2 and tier 3 areas of the country are less paid than their similitude in metros.
Many organisations are considering their problems, absence in the workplace and the importance of their diversity. Some of the companies which acts as a mentors and helps women to rejoin their work are as follows:
 1. Jobsforher 
It is a connecting portal and it usually helps women’s to restart their jobs after breaks and achieve their potentiality. It has been a year since JobsforHer was started by Neha Bagaria in Bengaluru. She visions of reversing female brain drain from within the Indian workforce.
“We connect women on a career break with job opportunities ranging from full-time,part-time,work from home to freelance” said Bagaria. Around 50k visits the portal p.m and there is 2.5L monthly page views.It is trying to open portals beyond Bengaluru like Mumbai,Delhi and Chennai.
Founded by Sairee Chahal in Jan 2014 Sheroes curates Corporate job, Flexible jobs, work from home. It is concerned with maintaining balance in women’s personal life with the career. It act as a mentor and help them find their resource.
Chahal said”At our helpline,most queries revolve around work from home portions. In Small towns,where people have fewer career options,working from home provides them with possibilities that help them stay connected with the corporate world or start something new”.Sheroes has raised 5 crores of funding in an angels round.
Some of other startups helping the women in mentoring and finding a suitable jobs are HerSecondInnings, ElasticJobs and Avtar I win. Even though these flexi-works doesn’t signifies security or long-term goals but it has a good source of income and a platform to forage the field. “Flexi-work opens the door to multiple avenues to earn money as well as to realise their passion and explore their journey of career”

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