Truelancer is specialized in providing a global platform to the freelancers for selling their skill and also for the buyers to search and reduce the effort of hunting fresh freelance talent.It is an online Freelance portal that saves the labour and time in search of skilled freelancers and provides a convenient platform for both freelancers and buyers to collaborate with each other, freelancers from various countries such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh are available. Truelancer clears all the obstacles between a freelancer and the employer making interaction easier.


Truelancer is founded by Deepesh Garg and Rajshekhar Rajaharia. The co founders aimed to create a unique platform to aid people all around the globe with the common methodology. A platform where freelances as well as employers do not have to struggle further.

Funds and Capital

The company possess some international investment too. It basically comes from USA based Blackstone Valley Group led by Raghu Vohra, Aditya Dev Sood, Kamal Bansal & other angel investors. This freelance marketplace has secured good capital which will be implemented in the marketing sector and also will be utilised expansion of the company. Raghu Vohra is also expected to join Truelance board of Directors.


*Truelancer helps hiring people regardless of their age and location

*It save consumption of both cost and time

*There are portfolios and reviews about the freelancers which can be used as a  reference

*Once the buyer and freelacer are connected, they can share regular updates online

*It has a special feature that is ‘posting a contest’ where one can post contest for several entries and extract the best one.

*The posting of work is free of cost

*Truelancer also ensures the privacy of the users while maintaining the security of payments with the help of their ‘Safe deposit’ system, where the payments are held till the project is completed and released afterwards.


The startup has remarkable response, it currently has more than 200,000 freelancers with 5000+ curated service Gigs. In additional to this it has 300,000+ monthly unique visitors. They have also raised funds with a good hike.Clients have posted 16,000+ projects. Trulancer is one among the four graduate startup eligible for STun’s credential seal of approval.

Future prospect

The company is planning to launch its mobile app & enterprise solution in near future. It is also building a unique collaboration tool which will improvise the process of how freelancers and employers collaborate to work remotely. The tool helps both new as well as deserving freelancers to get sufficient work and connect with employers around the globe. It is expected to hold a freelance marketplace which is one of a kind.

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