It’s true that a desirable hotel stay adds to the blissfulness when you leave home to another city momentarily for an exotic vacation. The comfort of cozy bed after a hectic schedule amplified with hot cooked meal along with the sunrise makes the entire stay a moment to remember. But, do we actually come across with such a gesture in verity? Are we vested with all such facilities that are worth the bucks spent? There are several such dubieties that cease to be unanswered yet. Profoundly, the very next concern arises that what is the novel way of booking hotels (now online though) for an unforgettable experience?

Now here’s where an online opaque deal platform, TravelSpice comes to retrieval by providing value deals on hotel stays for leisure travelers over 100 cities in India on 3/4/5 star categories. TravelSpice leverages to save up to 70% on exorbitant bills, supplemented with free breakfast at amazing hotels in over 210 cities across the Indian subcontinent, Colombo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Honkong.

The domestic hotel industry is estimated to touch $1.8 Bn by 2017, from $0.8 Bn in 2016, buoyed by rise in online bookings, an ICRA report has said. However, the numbers are not as convincing as it seems. The hotel resorts to huge losses due to unsold inventories that is estimated to be $4 Bn dribbled by worrying digits of unoccupied rooms which is approximated to be 60% gross. The negatives are strong enough to nullify the propelling figures of the market report. Not only the hotel faces challenging impediments, but customers are collectively adjoined with snags, which tend to impair them with less bargaining power. The unusual mismatch between the aspiration and affordability eventually adds to hopelessness and dissatisfaction.

TravelSpice’s “Quote Your Hotel Deal” platform provides non-cancellable, fully paid customers through its Hotel Manager Mobile App to Hotels in India.

As of now, More than 12,000 hotels have participated on this platform to sell their perishable inventory without lowering prices through other traditional sales channels. The customer just needs to place the bid on the reserved price and perpetually if the bid falls within the range offered by the hotels, it will be accepted immediately.

Online establishments like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Yatra, etc. don’t disclose the name of the hotel until it is purchased, whereas, TravelSpice divulges the identity of the hotel prior confirming the booking and thereby ensuring transparency in the entire booking procedure for a greater customer contentedness. With TravelSpice you are able to pick the area you’d like the hotel to be in, the dates of your stay, the minimum star rating (quality level, you can also see a list of eligible hotels), and the price.

“We compete with the likes of MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Yatra, Roomstonite and our endeavour is to be ahead of them to establish ourselves as the number ONE opaque deal platform in India.” – says Prashant Mitta, Co-Founder. Lines can be written, paragraphs can be phrased after one another to illuminate the value addition that they are adjourning by the awesome team so far. Their spirit of innovating in a creative and customized space, a great team support is something that adds feathers to the success cap so far and times to come.


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