Love has no age and it is rightly said that it just happens. People in love cares for nothing but themselves. Spending time with your special one is amongst the biggest problems faced by the Indian youth today. There are restrictions from family, society and other social elements. There are many vigilante groups that holds grudge against the couples. You can’t even go with them anywhere outside the city as you won’t get hotel rooms. It’s not illegal for two adults with each other’s consent to stay in a room rather it is against the culture as stated by the hotel owners. Well this problem of staying in hotels with your loved one is not a problem anymore.

A start-up named StayUncle is at the scene to solve this problem. They offer rooms to unmarried couples for short intervals. The brain child of a BITS-Pilani Graduate this venture was started as a solution to the problem of giving hotels for short time intervals to the travellers. While the founder soon realise that the most of the requests come from unmarried couples as it is still a very harassing task for them to get a room. They soon changed their business model to this and started focusing on giving hassle free rooms to the couples without facing any harassments.

In one of the interviews the founder said that still there is taboo around this business model as out of 10 hotels they approach only 3 or 4 agrees to partner with them and be a part of the eco system. Stay Uncle has also received its angel round of funding from head of AirBnB. Right now they have 34 hotels in Delhi partnered with them and 10 in Mumbai. The price ranges from Rs.1400 to Rs.5000 as per the need of the customer. They have plans to give the youth a way to celebrate surprise parties also.

Seeing them doing something right to break the taboo and also help the youth in getting hassle free and safe rooms is something that start-ups need to undertake to bring a change in the society for good.


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