As for the generation we live in, safety is a big caution. Nowadays the crime rates against women are like everyday headlines. Seeing these issues, Paras Batra the founder thought to make some relevant that could be proved a boon to women. There are some techniques such as using a pepper spray, but that can also be used against the victim. Also some applications for safety which are obviously illogical, how can you operate an app at the time of the attack. Keeping this in mind, leaf wearable decided to introduce a pendant which has a sensor connected to the phone. It is in the form of a jewellery that women won’t resist wearing.


Paras Batra is the founder of the company. He resides in Munirka, Delhi. He is an IIT Delhi student. As Munirka has been a center for rapes in Delhi, he decided to bring a change.He with his mates Avinash Bansal, Chiraag Kapil, Ayush Banka and Manik Mehta decided to make such device which could be reasonably help women and kids to be safe.

How it works?

Safer is the core device which can be worn as a pendant and has an in-built panic button which is to be connected to the phone and also to one’s guardian’s and loved one’s phone. Its material comprises rust-proof and non-corrosive metal casing, and is cased within a crystal like classy colored stone inside which lies safety device. When a user buys the pendant, he needs to download the app, sync it with the jewelry, and then add guardians or people one would like to reach out in problematic situations. Whenever the user is in extreme distressful situation she can push the button twice, as the device works on push button technology. Because of the click the chip in the pendant senses and activates. This in turn sends the alert message to the numbers registered in the application and also to the nearby users of the same app. They can locate the victim through GPS.


* One of the key features is that it can use any type of communication to transfer the message, it is not restricted.

* You can track the user with help of GPS

* In case there is no accessibility to internet, alerts are send via SMSs.

* Safertalk is a smart feature of the app that enables the guardian to track the users journey, a destination has to be entered and then the user’s guardian can track him reaching his destination. Once the person gets there safely, live tracking is automatically


* It has notifications and remainder facilities which does not let you miss any call.

Availability and usage

The device is now available in stylistic black, blue and green colours. It posseses resistance to splash and is rustproof. It also needs to be charged in every 7 days, with the micro USB. The company provides 1 year replacement warranty.


This impressive formula is indeed one of a kind, which will obviously be an apple of an eye for many investors. Hence it has received quite a good investment. They won cash prizes in many competition and awards. In Gitex Technology Week in Dubai, which they won. They utilised the money to improvise the app. In Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015 they won cash prize worth 10 lac INR. They also raised crowd funding to the tune of $7,682 (INR 5 lac) by raising funds through the Ketto platform. In December, 2015 they raised $250,000 (Rs 1.67 crore) in seed funding from serial entrepreneur Ajeet Khurana, Omnivore Ventures’ Jinesh Shah and other angel investors. The team secured another 10 lack by being the champion in ’10-Minute Million’ which was organized by the entrepreneurship cell (E-cell) of IIT-Bombay, from Mumbai Angels.

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