Delhi-based shared mobility platform Revv, is reportedly launching its car sharing services in 3 new cities including Mumbai, Chennai and Jaipur. With this development, the startup now has extended its national footprint to 7 cities. Chennai and Jaipur are live already and Mumbai is slated to go live later this month.

Each of the 3 cities is being launched at scale, with fleet size similar to what Revv has built up in other cities during the last 18 months. All 3 cities get a brand new fleet, which includes hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. The fleet has been curated to fit the needs of the customers, based on the demand pattern in these markets. Revv is already available in DelhiNCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chandigarh.

Speaking on the development, the co-founders of Revv said, “The adoption in our current markets has been great, and we expect a similar trajectory of growth and adoption in the new markets that we are launching. This has also been validated by the early reception in new markets.”

Growing the national footprint is a natural part of building a national brand. Our experience suggests that a customer is more likely to stay with us if he knows that he can find Revv in every city that he or she might visit. Having a wide network also creates more flexibility in managing supply.

Started in 2015 by ex-McKinsey executives Anupam Agarwal and Karan Jain, Revv initially propositioned itself as a ride-sharing platform, it has now shifted its focus towards establishing itself as a mainstream mobility solution. The startup has combined an asset-light sourcing approach with its delivery model, which is basically substituting hyperlocal parking with doorstep delivery, with an aim to make the customer experience seamless yet affordable.


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