ScoopWhoop is an Internet media and news company in India. They cover wide varieties of contents,creating and curating Indian specific stories precisely.

Recently the company got a 30 Million viewers track on board, the attention it is receiving from the youths are profound any other media. Along with the 30 Mn views pm they have 4 content platforms,180 Mn video views pm, 300 videos released pm and 800% session via mobile.
The company launched ScoopWhoop Pulse for real-time interest tracking. Pulse provides with the list of all top stories related to brands, and the specification of the categories selected particularly about interest in entertainment,sports, culture, politics, good etc. It is a dashboard that tracks all those viewers interacting on platforms.
“With ScoopWhoop,brands can discover what content in the category excites young people &I use that information to uncover new consumer insights. It’s also useful to compare your own content efforts with what’s trending,analyse what you are doing right & what you need to change. It’s a sample of the data that our brand solutions team has real time access to using data tools such as Pulse, our brand content team delivers solutions that are both highly creative and effective” said Meghana Bhat, Cheif Startegy Officer of Scoopwhoop.
The company founded in August 2013 started as generating contents and sharing websites but gradually became a news server. It focuses on social concern and shares it with regards to the content targeting the interest area of the present day youth of the country.
The company received a funding of ₹10Cr worth from Bharti SoftBank for a stake of 36% in Nov 2014. In 2016 it acquired Touchfone Technologies in an all cash and stock deal. It runs on three different publications ScoopWhoop, Vagabomb and GazabPost.

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