Niki.ai an Indian online e-commerce, Artificial Intelligence(AI) flourished company has launched its own SDK ( Software Development Kit) which is going be convenient for business in communicating with its consumers availing their services.

 Niki.ai is focusing on two sectors Banking and Insurance and Banking. SDK will help brands to communicate on mobile app and websites. Brands will be able to provide with different services linked in the profile of Niki.ai , Its Natural Language Programming and Machine Learning Technologies will garner more customers attention. It only requires 1Mb space and within few minutes of ordering the service is going to be delivered.
Sachin Jaiswal,CEO of Niki.AI said ” We are making artificial intelligence accessible to everyone,i.e Businesses &a Consumers by providing a simple and easy to use chat interface to shop for products and services. Brand can sign-up for the SDK by visiting resellers,Niki.ai and complete the integration in less than an hour of development effort within 10 lines of code”.
He added “Most brands are struggling to leverage with AI wave,with this simple integration the kit will provide,we are making it accessible to businesses & customers. The last six months we were developing back and technologies.
The company which is backed up by Ratan Tata is one such AI company in exception to others these days,which focuses on commerce and productivity. It was launched in 2015 and is a Tech30 company.
Niki has served with different brands to implement SDK like HDFC Bank, Oxgien Wallet,etc. HDFC Bank has started SDK with its banking services. LFTY uses for its smooth transaction to increase the engagement and monetize the mobile real estate.

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