MapmyIndia an app which provides with Digital Maps, GPS Navigation, Tracking, Location Aware Mobile Apps and GIS Enterprise solution.It launched eLoc which is a 6 character alphanumeric code as compared to conventional 4 line complicated addresses.

eLoc has enticing features of 3D data base and turn by turn navigation solution which is precise and accurate. For all those travelers and commuters the app will come in handy.

eLoc is said to be the Aadhar of addresses as the prime factor of the eLoc is it’s sharing feature and it’s availability in many areas, towns, roads, villages etc. One can easily navigate the location required and in just few amount of time the destination would be reached without getting lost or asking others for direction. Even one would be provided with other information about the place including reviews, neighbourhood amenities and photos. Quick and exact navigation will be beneficiary to deliveries on doorsteps, taxi apps, administrations etc.

They have investment in more than 20 nations for ₹ 200 crores, making claims on properties available free over 2 crores and counting eLoc. They are working with various customers like Airtel, OLA, Hyundai, HDFC banks. It is accessible in all operating systems, IOS, Android, Windows.

Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia said,” MapmyIndia’s mission from the start has been to make the world better through maps and location technologies. We believe eLoc is a game changing milestone in India’s history, and like we mobile phones helped India leapfrog other countries, eLoc will leapfrog India to the forefront of mapping and navigation convenience and capabilities compared to the rest of the world. Seeing the goverment’s commitment to the ‘Digital India’ initiative. I believe the time is ripe for India to move towards a digital address system”.

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