Mahesh Murthy a famous venture capitalist is founder of many notable companies. He founded Pinstorm in 2000 and act as a CEO of the company which is a digital advertising firm and rank amongst the leading advertising firms in India. The other two companies are Seed fund and Passion fund which invest in and guides startups.

Recently he has been in the talks of accusing women entrepreneurs on various social grounds like WhatsApp.

Wamika Iyer (founder of FrshDay.in) is one such victim, she was asking for help from Murthy as a mentor to assist her about the development and growth of a startup. Murthy became informal and tried to exploit her.

Iyer said “Mahesh Murthy, greets women with inappropriate phrases, which will make you uncomfortable”.




There are some other cases where Murthy was accused by women on other social ground. 

Pooja Chauhan(Cofounder of Vayuz.com) accuses Murthy of misbehaving on WhatsApp. As reported by nextbigwhat.com Chauhan said “I wished Mahesh Murthy Merry Christmas n a new year I got a response something like that. Unfortunately my LinkedIn app allows me to add only one picture but I want to know from my fellow entrepreneurs and investors do we deserve this ? So next time when you talk to investors you should mentally prepare yourself.”

Supriya Sahoo reported a similar incident via Facebook.

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