Diwali is near and some of us might need Pundits for the Pooja in our homes. How surprising will that be to you if I tell that now you can book a Pundit online? You might say what rubbish is he talking, how can we call a priest online? Well you can call a priest through LocalRamu. Local Ramu is an Indian startup based in Bangalore. This Diwali other than calling a priest you can do much more. LocalRamu deals in 20+ categories such as Water Delivery, Laptop/desktop/mobile repair, home cleaning, electrician, electronics repair, Puja/Pandit, beautician, interior design, laundry, car/bike services, plumbing, and more.

Recently LocalRamu announced its new category of services- Scrap collection and Cook/Maid services.
Home delivery of water bottles is a great step. In today’s hectic world it is very difficult to find someone for small tasks. LocalRamu helps you in arranging all that. Your tap is leaking, they have plumbers. Your maid has left her job, they have large maid base. The package for maid starts from Hourly /daily/weekly/ monthly basis. In Diwali time ladies have a lot on their plate to do. They can hire a made for a week and get their work done easily.
In today’s global economy it is hard to stay near to your hometown. We have to go to different places for work. The most densely populated areas are the cities, especially metro cities. Finding home like food is really painful. We miss the home food. We have to adjust to the working and eating habits of that place. Well with LocalRamu on scene not anymore. They have a large pool of cooks for variety of foods. They have cooks who are expert in North Indian , South Indian as well as other regional also. If you miss your home made Lassi then they have a solution for that too. So you can book a cook on their platform and enjoy the finger licking food of your home.
They have also started scrap collection. We generate lots of waste in our home. With time they keep on gathering around and there lies the huge pool of scrap, To end this LocalRamu has started scrap collection services. Under this you have to request via their app for collection of scrap in your home.
“If you need any service LocalRamu is taking ownership to complete your task by binding your request with your nearby verified local service providers” .

As stated by Mr Santosh Tyagi , founder and CEO of LocalRamu: “We have seen very good response from our users about these new verticals, Within seven month of launch, Now we are bit closest to get an average ONE SERVICE REQUEST PER MINUTE”.
Let’s make this Diwali more Swatch with LocalRamu!

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