India is considered as second best for world’s largest smartphone market. It’s 1.2 billion people and 1/4 of them with smartphones has elevated it among the best consumers in the market. The problem arises to the homegrown smartphone companies with the growing invasion of Chinesebred companies,their penetration is very low in the market.

Chinese companies are able to gain the attention of people at large with its defining and productive handsets. “They have low cost in marketing,good and smart positioning and steadfast focus on providing maximum features at affordable prices”. In Nov 2016 during the festive season of Diwali, Chinese home brands like Lenovo and Xiaomi were able to gain more than 40% market share in more or less 30 cities of India.
Indian brands like Micromax,Lava and Karbonn has a very little market share.There was 45% shipments of Mobile handsets and maximum of them were smartphones. Samsung stood in No.1 position as always even though the share fell from 25.1% in 2013 to 13.1% in 2016. Chinese Itel Group secured second position after Samsung which entered the market last year in April-June.

Intex, Lava and Micromax took the rest of the position with 7.1%, 7% and 5.8 % of shares respectively.

“This is the first time when none of the home ground vendors were able to make their position in the top five” said Jaipal Singh,market analysts for client devices at IDC India.

Even though the homebred companies are doing well lately in their own field but they are getting a hard time competing with the foreign brands. International Data Corporation(IDC) said that the homegrown companies is competing with Samsung,Nokia and Sony this led to fall in the growth of Samsung’a share. Micromax has shipped 2 million devices this quarter and its canvas range has done well to boost the company’s volume share. Lava topped the list in feature phone category.
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