FabIndia is an Indian chain store retailing garments,furnishings,fabrics and ethnic products handmade by craftspeople across rural India. It is facing a serious admonish of illegally displaying khadi fabrics when it was not certified to do so.
Khadi and Village Industries Commision( KVIC) a statutory body in compliance to Government of India is seeking for response of Fabindia to avert using Khadi fabric without required certification or the approval from the legal associates.
 Prior to this in August 2015 a complaint with a note was sent to the CEO of Fabindia Viney Singh which quote as ” It is an illegal act and in other words amounts to indulging in unfair trade practice”. The officials in Fabindia aware of the notice said that it was a huge task and needs some time for further resolution.
Khadi a fabric “Warm in Winters and Cool in Summers” acquires patriotic status is a reputation of KVIC. The lack of interest from Fabindia in requesting the approval of selling the outlets of Khadi to its associates resulted this measures from KVIC.

Viney Singh said” FabIndia is in receipt of the notice issued by the KVIC dated 08.02.2017 and has responded to it”. ” We have sought an appointment from the designated authorities at the KVIC to explain our position in person and resolve the matter,We wait a response from the KVIC”he added.


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