Rio Olympics are over. India has shown a decline in the number of medals as compared to the previous years. The athletes tried their best and that is what is important for the citizens. Sports culture in India is very biased. We prefer Cricket over any other form of sports. Majority of the people of our country have never seen anything apart from cricket. In recent years there have been a rise of Football enthusiasts in the country. Football being one of the biggest games around the globe has got some crazy fans in the country. Indian entrepreneurs are working biased mostly towards a few of the hot sectors like e-commerce. There are a few of them who dare to go against the wind.


FootTheBall is amongst them. It is a platform for the football enthusiasts. A very different approach to cater to the suppressed audience of the game. FootTheBall is a social network for football enthusiast. In our interview with one of the co-founders, Mr.Sumon we understood the need and urge of the platform. “The current situation is that companies cater to the game more than to the fans. I believe the fans make the game” as stated by the co-founder. With the moto to cater to the fans FootTheBall came into existence. The platform is designed in such a way that the fans can interact with each other with a common interest. There is no clash between Ronaldo and Messi fans. Here on this platform if you are a Ronaldo fan you will only see and interact with the Ronaldo fan. The soul of this company is based on the fact to cherish the game, not make it a warzone. The company is focusing hugely on the privacy issue of the social media websites.

The website is launched in July. The startup is working on the development of the mobile applications and will be soon available on the respective website. With a traction of 100k visits per month the company is going strong. The visitors include fans from around the world. In our interview with Mr. Sumon we saw the intent to create something for the fans. He believed content is not the king on his platform, it is just a driver. The end game for the platform is the conversation around football.

With the vision to be the gateway for bigger brands in India FootTheBall is doing something different, that too in a different way.

We at Startupstalk are excited to see what the future unveils for the startup.

With the following said I request all the football fans to pay a visit to their website.


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