ProductHunt (Website) has become a rapid growing platform for Early Adopters, Co-Founders and Investors for discovering and growing the new products with a global Alexa rank of 4158.

The reason behind this is Product Hunt features best new products every day from all over the world and its members can then up-vote them and give their valuable remarks and feedback. Some may use this platform to get traction while others may use it to validate their idea or to create hype by pre-launching their products.

The more upvotes and comments a product has, the higher is its chance to come on top if they are on the featured page, but ProductHunt doesn’t allow asking or incentivizing people to upvote. They love if the product is genuinely getting likes. They have an algorithm which drops the product in the ranks or directly removes it from the front page if you ask people to upvote your product. So If you are planning to launch a new product or have an existing one you should give it a try on this website.

At the early stage of your startup it can help you with:

  • Traction
  • Good Testers or Early Adopters
  • Some Press
  • And some Genuine Feedback

Just before hunting on ProductHunt make sure that these things are ready:

  • Landing page
  • Product with no bugs
  • Catchy Tagline
  • Short Product Description
  • Some Cool Screenshots
  • A Product Video

ProductHunt has two sections, namely, Featured and Upcoming. When you submit your startup on it, you fall into the upcoming section and based on the activity on your product the ProductHunt team makes it visible on the featured page.

Let’s dive more into this and know more about how to get maximum from the ProductHunt. There are some small but most important points you need to follow:

Hunt an Influencer: To increase your chance to come on the featured page, you just need to show your product to a Product Hunt Influencer and ask them to submit the product on the website if they like it. This increases the reach and activity on your product. To find top Influencers of visit Whohunt.

Time: Product Hunt features many new products every 24 hours. So the best time to submit your product is when it gets refreshed i.e. at the starting of the day. Being featured at the time when the website refreshes, increases the chances of visibility to a large number of audience. Product hunt servers are based in Pacific Time (GMT +8). This means you will have to be hunt as early in the day as possible. 3 am at GMT is a great place to start. Product Hunt has a lot of traffic on weekdays. Try hunting on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Respond: Just welcome all the feedback and suggestions and respond to all the comments because they made an effort for you.

Now you know Everything about hunting your product on Product Hunt.

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Happy Hunting!

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