India has the largest internet user base in the world after China, where the growth are usually seen from the population in rural areas. However the potential users with the existing users are expected to reach 450Mn by June 2017.
“India’s Internet consumption has already exceeded the US to become number two globally. By 2020, the internet is expected to penetrate deeper in hinterlands of the country, helping create more opportunities for everyone,” Nasscom President, R Chandrashekhar said.
The general population of India has been divided into two parts, urban & rural. Among  444 Million people in the urban areas 269 Million has access to the internet, whereas only 163 Million are able to use internet out of 906 Million people, leaving those 750 Millions unaware. The vital role of internet is concealed and mysterious in rural regions but the growth of users are still on the hold for development.
Younger generation are more prone to internet and the rural areas evolving the growth with female users with 30% over the years.Thus there is an estimation of growth in Internet users doubles the change in growth of Television users. 75% of new users are expected solely from rural regions with users in urban area reaching the level of saturation.

Introduction of 3G & 4G to conventional 2G is growing, network services including Airtel,Vodafone & Reliance Jio has expected growth in their revenues from their respective network 2G, 3G & 4G from 38%, 55% and 6% in 2016-17 to 21%, 58% and 20%.

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