After deciding and finalising the name of the startup or business, it’s the logo that comes next. To choose the perfect logo for your startup, it again requires humongous brainstorming and buzz sessions.
A logo is a graphic or pictorial representation of company’s ideas or intentions. It’s the manifestation of brands image or personality that makes it distinct or prominent from the rest. It helps the customer with a better understanding of the viewpoint of the company.

The logo is also the most significant and far-reaching instrument in the branding process and ultimately helps in maximizing marketing potential. It is something that catches the eye instantaneously. As we all know, simplicity is the greatest asset.

Thus, it is advised that the logo should be in such a way that it’s simple, elegant, unique, readable and easily memorable.

It must have the ability to captivate and attract the attention of the customers. It should not be detailed or descriptive but be something that can be easily identified and recognized without causing much of a strain.4

Step 1: Use the keywords:

Use the keywords that we jotted down while getting to the correct name. The logo is just a pictorial representation of all that. Try with creating a symbol for those keywords.

Step 2: Company’s name:

Sometimes, just using the brand name as the logo helps too. Although it proves to be less tiresome, but it has to be a good combination of all the colour schemes and fonts. Consider the example of the popular drink Coca-Cola and its red coloured logo.

Step 3: Using initial letters:

Many times just using the initials of the product as the logo could help too. The McDonalds with the big yellow M symbol could be thought of here or the blue coloured Facebook symbol.

Step 4: Being observant for various categories of species:

Try thinking of some animals, birds or flowers that could best describe the brand. For example the logos of Puma Ferrari and Founch

Step 5: Brainstorming any random design:

People with creative heads can usually come up with great artistic logos. They link the keywords, symbols and the initials in such a blend that it comes out just wonderfully. The ringer symbol of WhatsApp or the Wikipedia symbol is the precise examples for this category.

Step 6: Use online Tools:

At last, when we have knocked all doors and still haven’t received any end product. We need to try the logo makers available. Try the Graphicsprings or 99 designs or other websites available for your aid. They can provide you with a wide range of customised logos to choose from.

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