We all know how traveling by a cab could be frustrating at times. All you can do is listen to those repeated playlists, or text/speak to someone or you go out of the way and talk to the driver. Well, you don’t have to do any of these because here’s a way for you to do something productive or entertaining without bearing any extra cost.

An ad-tech startup Tabverts, is looking to create an impact in the way we commute in cabs and also the way brands advertise.

What is Tabverts?

Tabverts is an ad-tech startup which is installing 4G enabled high-end tablets behind the headrests of Uber Cabs and these tablets have some entertaining content and advertisements streaming to engage the traveling passenger.

These advertisements are uploaded online and gets broadcasted in these tablets automatically because of the data sims in these tablets. It also provides complete real-time analytics to the advertisers.

How does the advertising part work?

Tabverts has an online platform where any brand can come and select a pricing package from the multiple and affordable choices. Once a company selects the package, they can upload their promotional content and pay for it online. This uploaded advertisement is shown on the admin dashboard of Tabverts and henceforth the admin approves this advertisement and this advert gets broadcasted in these remotely moving tablets in a completely automated process.

Tabverts also provides real-time analytics to the advertisers by showing the advertiser the impression and views based on the trips and sessions. The company has recorded a reach of around 3 lakh passengers everyday.

Just three months old, Tabverts was created and founded by the founder of Vuzelaa Group & the inventor of the path breaking technology, Eyerises – Sahil Arora. Since inception, Sahil and his team have successfully installed these tablets in 200+ cabs across Delhi/NCR and have on-boarded more than 100 advertisers.

In short

Tabverts works as an advertisement platform for other startups. It is another source of income for drivers as Tabverts has agreed upon sharing 30% of their revenue. And for customers, an entertaining platform with which they can transact for shopping with exciting cash back offers!


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