Artificial intelligence is seeing new light. The industry has seen a great deal of investment in the recent years. There are many startups working in this domain right now. This industry is expected to be a $20 billion market by the year 2020. Artificial Intelligence is nothing new for the world. It was first used by Alan Turing, the father of modern computer. The technology has grown from being a gimmick to being useful. There are many approaches taken by companies to bring AI into existence. There have been a rise in the number of Chabot’s that are capable of understanding human language and react accordingly. Machine learning is being used in our day to day life like never before. The images we take on phones, the mails we receive, the keyboard we type on in our smartphone all are using machine learning to make our experiences better.
We are moving towards an autonomous world. A world where machines are capable of doing things on their own. Artificial Intelligence if implemented in the right way can change the whole world. Imagine a world where everything around us are capable of functioning on their own. The bigger tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are heavily investing in artificial intelligence. They have integrated machine learning into their backend that are capable of handling and understanding users need. Google after implementing machine learning to its backend is now capable of understanding and identifying the spam mails in their server.
These small steps are taken to make computers aware of the human world. Step by step growth has resulted in making computers aware enough that they can now not only understand but also generate real world things on their own. Google’s Deep dream software are capable enough to identify things like birds in an image and also are able to generate on their own. Facebook has invested hugely in AI to make our experience on its platform better.
Computer vision has given the machines opportunity to see and understand our environment. We are on the verge on making self-driving cars. Internet of Things will soon be a mainstream thing for the world.
The future belongs to Artificial Intelligence. There are certain groups and communities that believe making AI self-aware can be a curse for humanity. Thinking logically it may be a case and they may be right but we are miles away from making Artificial Intelligence that much superior.

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