43 years is a long time spent on this Earth for a person. Many of us dream of settled, stable life until that age. Stability is important aspect of life but it makes the demon die. That demon if left untamed is capable of making you rule the world. Arnab Goswami is a 43 year old Indian Journalist. He was the editor-in-chief and news anchor of Times Now and ET. Today a few hours ago a very shocking news came. Some sources stated that Arnab Goswami has resigned from his current position in the media house. The news got confirmation after many sources claimed about the resignation. Times Now has not yet issued any official statement on the topic. Arnab has gained a great position for himself in the Indian Media. He is anchor of one of the highest seen TV news shows.
Arnab started his journalism career with The Telegraph in Kolkata. After that he joined NDTV in 1995. Since then he has seen great height in media industry. His show Newshour is one of the most controversial shows on the television. People love Arnab’s style. He always is seen as an angry and aggressive man on the show. On his show people complain that no one gets proper chance to speak apart from him.
Born in a Brahmin family of Assam, Goswami hails from an army family. His patriotism is reflected in the show he does. His aggressive style of asking question no matter who is in front makes people respect him.
It is speculated that he has resigned because of his plans to start his own venture. He disclosed his resignation news to a group of 40 employees in the company. He also was heard repeating many times- The game has just begun.
The resignation of a popular and trustworthy anchor will surely give other media house to fight for the number 1 spot in the industry. Arnab on the other hand will surely fight back his way to the top wherever he will be. There is long chaos to be seen in this industry too.
A startup might disrupt the whole industry and maybe Arnab will be behind this.

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