Amazon an e-commerce company whose headquarter is in Seattle USA is planning to install food products in its outlet in India. The holding company has already got permission to open stalls in the selected location around US including airports,malls and high streets to compete with another big retail giant Walmart.

The e-commerce company has plans to sell these food products produced by some local retails or vendors through different mediums, online or conventional brick & mortar selling in India.
“We are excited by government’s continued efforts to encourage FDI in India for a stronger food supply chain. We have sought an approval to invest and partner with the government in achieving its vision” said an insider of Amazon India.
Amazon has already entered the Southeast Asian landmass with the vision of operating within 600 million of its consumers and they saw a big launch in 2016 with Singapore. They established a grocery delivery startup in Singapore lately.
Amazon launched its first shopping sites in February 2012 in India with generating more than 45,000 employment opportunities and already investing $5Bn in the country last year. The company is planning to start the food procedure establishment with metro lines in India to attract as much attention from the daily commuters.
amazon India

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