Cab aggregator Uber saw its office vandalized at HSR  when the officials weren’t able to meet up with the demands of the drivers in Bangalore.
Lately there was some disrupt in the management of cab aggregators which resulted in furious dissent led by Ola,Taxi for Sure and Uber Driver’s Association. The reason behind the dissent was fall in remuneration of drivers. Among the protesters two were alleged to have attempted suicide outside Ola’s office in Murugeshpalya.
“The hours demanded by Uber, for us to get incentives,are inhumane. When we went to question it,they don’t attend meetings with the RTO and when we go,they throw us out” said a driver outside the office.
Peaceful march was loitering outside the office when suddenly more than two dozens of people not associated with Driver’s Association attacked Uber’s Office at HSR. Prior to the attack Police were deployed for safeguard along with security guards of the office in addition to the safety net covering the front glasses of the building. Angry mob threw stones smashing the protected glass and vandalised the office. Uber’s absence in meeting organised by RTO & not meeting their demand led the vandalisation.

Daily commuters are facing the problems of surge prices and punctuality in their workplace. Reshma Prasad a daily commuter said ” I paid three times for an auto from Kanakapura Road to Manyata Tech Park. This is happening the third time in a weeks”.

Tanveer Pasha, President, Drivers Association of Ola, Uber, Taxi for Sure said” resulting in the drivers losing their patience,reflected in the ransacking of the Uber Office”. He added ” A driver used to earn up to ₹ 80,000 but is now able to earn ₹15,000 only due to increasing numbers of cabs, which is causing traffic hazards, resulting in cut down of trips”.
The starting week of this month also saw some furious indefinite strike from drivers of Ola,Uber in Delhi with the same management problems from the Aggregator. The drivers were recorded to be 1.5 lakh in strength.
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