Jan 10, 2017

Startupstalk.org is an online media platform for entrepreneurs with startup stories, news, ideas, resources, research and analysis. It is a great platform for showcasing the Indian startups and their stories. It provides ideas to the budding startups through its special column “Startup Ideas”.

Startups Talk was started by Abhishek Kumar Gupta. Our team at Startups Talk is passionate about building and promoting the startup ecosystem in India and helping many of you to achieve your dream of creating successful startups and, we are confident that some of you will go on to lead some of the most successful ventures in future. We keep our audiences informed about the latest developments in the startup scenario. Many of the upcoming startups have chosen StartupsTalk to showcase their story to the world. It not only informs but also inspires the entrepreneurs to join the startup bandwagon.

We hear your inspiring stories and let the world know about your aspirations and your startup journey.

To write an expertise post/guest column or share your startup story, email us at vishal.singh@startupstalk.org

Share your PR/News for publishing/archiving email us at vishal.singh@startupstalk.org


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