The transition from college to office is a significant albeit difficult one. And choosing where to work is even more so. How you begin your career will shape its entire path. And to begin it with a Start up is a bold decision. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while making such a decision. But if you are keen on learning form ground zero to work your way up. Startup is your way to level up your growth chart.
But Startups are not for everybody, they involve risk (though which can teach you to how to tackle risk factor) having said that,

Here are 7 reasons why you should start your career with a startup.

1. Exposure
Working with a startup will provide you with a lot of exposure to the different aspects of the company. For the most part, this happens because startup teams are usually small and you will be given a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes you end up taking more than one role which obviously enhances your skillset. Working at a startup for a year will give you more exposure to the different facets of your field than working at an already established company.
For instance, if you begin working at a startup as a content person, then you will have to handle a large amount of the content solution and management part as well.
Getting this kind of exposure for a beginner is extremely beneficial as it gives them a thorough knowledge of the workings of their chosen fields. It also helps them make well informed decisions about their career path.

2. Increased Accountability
With greater responsibility comes greater accountability. Your work is under constant evaluation. This can be a good thing as well as a bad one. Since you are probably the only person in the start up working on your particular field here is fear of your credit being poached. You will receive recognition for the work you have done. However, on the flip side, anytime you make a mistake you will be held accountable for it. So you have to tread carefully.

This works in the beginner’s favour as they get a good idea about what works and what doesn’t. If you are not a part of a startup then this knowledge comes after years of working and after a long and risky path of trial and error.

3. The Growth Graph
It is a given that most startup jobs won’t pay as well as some of the bigger corporate and business jobs. But working at a startup provides a different kind of growth system: one that is not based on money, but rather on experience attained and opportunities seized. The growth graph in that sense is steep and pointing upward.
As a beginner, you get to learn and experience a lot. In a traditional setting, you will be sitting behind a desk doing primary tasks for at least the first few years.


4. New perspective
In a startup, everyone has their own unique role to play and you will usually be of distinct personality types. Everyone has a different way of looking at different things. This becomes significant to the problem solving process. As a person working at a startup you will find that a startup is bound to stumble upon obstacles in the initial stages. Such entrepreneurial teams are defined by seeing a problem and thinking of an innovative and original way of addressing it. Their perspective towards problems is different and they are always looking for solutions that will be the most convenient and least time consuming. You brainstorm till you are exhausted.
Because of this innovative nature, startups are some of the best places to start from.

5. The Pocket Economics
Regardless of where you work, you need to learn how to balance your income with your expenditure. Working at a startup will train you to keep an eye on your money. Working at a startup will teach you to do more with less. Since you now that you need to do a large amount of work for a pay that is usually not a lot, you learn to survive on less.
This is a lesson that everyone who is starting out should learn. The less you spend the more you save. This also inculcates in a beginner to innovate their way into more with less.

6. Sense Of Self-Reliance
There is no spoon feeding in a startup. The only person you can rely on to get the work done is yourself. This builds a sense of self dependency or self reliance in an individual. This also constructs a sense of discipline in a person. This attitude helps a beginner in achieving success, regardless of the field they work in. A strong sense of self reliance also creates an indomitable work ethic that pushes you to do more and to do better.


7. Innovative & Creative Approach Nature

In a company that’s already established, you will be trained to do your job. Every suggestion you give will either be accepted or shot down the dumpster. Experimentation is simply not accepted. Repeatedly you do the same work. Doesn’t it make your action robotic? As a result, you loose your innovative streak. In a startup, you are required to think differently, with different and creative approach. You research, observe and work. You are allowed to test and experiment new ideas.  This teaches one to enter risk zone area, prepares you for the outcomes of your actions, and learn to deal with them. Creativity flows like a wind in startup culture.

Like we said, working in a startup is not for everyone. However, those who do work in successful startups learn to think differently, grow and achieve more. They are not dependent on anyone else for their success or progress. Lastly, working with startups can be an eye opener for those who do not know yet what they want from their lives. 


Source article: Humans of Entrepreneurship 



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